With your help, Renewables.org is accelerating the transition to solar energy across the Global South.

The problem

In the Global South, energy needs are outpacing those of developed nations - and their power grids are more carbon intensive. Without action, emissions will continue to grow.

In developed markets like the U.S., a vibrant finance ecosystem ensures that money is available to build new solar projects. But in the Global South, lack of funding is the main barrier to new solar project construction.

Our solution

Renewables.org works with Global South solar developers who build some of the world's highest-impact solar projects.

When you invest with Renewables.org your money is placed into the Renewables Fund. Cash from this fund is lent to our partners, enabling them to build solar where it does the most good.

As the solar projects generate and sell electricity, the revenue earned enables the Renewables Fund to pay you back. You can withdraw repayments or reinvest them — as our community grows, we're able to accelerate solar deployment where it's needed most.