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a 501(c)(3) pending non-profit

With your help, Renewables.org is catalyzing the transition to solar energy in emerging markets.

In developed markets, solar  adoption is supported by vibrant development and finance ecosystems. But in the global south, uptake is challenging.

With Renewables.org, you can accelerate solar adoption in emerging markets by collecting Panels — five year, 0% interest bonds that generate monthly repayments from the sale of solar energy.

100% of the proceeds of your Panels finance the construction of solar facilities where they will create the highest carbon impact possible, up to 15 times the impact the same investment would create in developed markets. With your help, we build solar where no one else will.

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Our mission

Renewables.org deploys solar financing where it does the most good.

Power grids in the global south are significantly more carbon intensive and polluting. They are less reliable and more expensive than grids in developed economies, slowing growth, heating the climate, creating respiratory health hazards, and reducing employment & economic resilience.

Renewables.org accelerates and catalyzes renewable energy deployment where it has the greatest impact. We do this by identifying the highest possible carbon impact solar facilities using our 'Impact multiplier criteria and sourcing capital via crowdfunded 0% interest loans.

How it works

Renewables.org originates high impact solar projects to fund by working with development partners who finance, build, and manage solar facilities in the global south.

Our finance partners work with regional businesses like tea plantations and universities to build on-site solar facilities that save them money and avoid carbon emissions. Renewables.org finances solar construction where no one else will.

In order to attract a community of funders on our site, we've created a transparent and engaging online investing platform that allows users to collect Panel investments, receive repayments, and better understand their impact.

With Renewables, you can efficiently deploy as little as $25 to help build some of the world's highest carbon-impact solar facilities. With your help, small and medium sized businesses in India and Africa become more resilient and less polluting - and we can accelerate the climate transition in the global south.

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Our team

Lassor Feasley
CEO and Cofounder
Premal Shah
Cofounder and Chair
Ruchir Punjabi
Cofounder and Board Member
Scott Schwartz
CTO and Cofounder

Renewables.org was created by non-profit tech entrepreneur Premal Shah, solar finance & development guru Ruchir Punjabi, CTO Scott Schwartz, and designer CEO Lassor Feasley. The team is well suited to Renewables.org's mission — accelerating solar adoption in emerging markets.

Chair Premal Shah previously cofounded the popular microfinance crowdfunding site Kiva.org and has spent his career developing categories of financial products that advance social equity.

With the help of millions of everyday altruists, Kiva proved that modest sums lent to individual borrowers in emerging markets could be honored reliably. Kiva was so successful catalyzing the microfinance industry that today it is one of many institutions serving this vertical.

Board Director Ruchir Punjabi is an expert in emerging market solar development and finance. CEO Lassor Feasley is a design and marketing strategist with years of experience in solar crowdfunding.

The team is determined to do for emerging market renewable finance what Kiva did for microfinance — to leverage online crowdfunding to catalyze a new finance vertical.

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