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Avoid 19 times the carbon investing in emerging market solar & get repaid in 5 years.

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Build solar where it does the most good.

80% of CO2 growth will be in the global south. Buy panels° to accelerate solar development where it will have the most impact.

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Andhra Pradesh
Avoid 19 times the carbon investing in the global south.

The impact multiplier compares the carbon avoidance enables to U.S. based 'green investing' alternatives.

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India solar
Africa solar

How a dollar on go 19 times further:

Low Construction Costs

Construction costs are half U.S. prices — we fund twice the solar per dollar.

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Dirty Power Grids

Coal dependent grids have twice the carbon intensity, expanding your impact.

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Access to Credit

Capital availability is scarce, without you, our projects wouldn't get built.

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Collect panels°

Collect panels° and track your impact.

With Rooftop dashboard, monitor the carbon avoidance and repayments of the panels° you collect around the world.

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John's Rooftop
10 panels°
My panels°
Car dealership solar
3 panels°
Tea plantation solar
4 panels°
University solar
3 panels°
My impact
Carbon aversion
23.8473 tons

$25 panels° pay for themselves in five years and help build more solar. has funded dozens of solar facilities in emerging markets like India and Africa. The proceeds of each panel° you collect enable us to build additional solar facilities and accelerate solar adoption.

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Get repaid

Get repaid as you generate clean electricity.

Repayments are deposited to your Renewables balance monthly from revenue generated by clean electricity.

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The value of each panel° you collect is repaid over five years.

Each panel° you collect generates 60 monthly payments over five years. At the end of that term, you'll recover the full value of your purchase.

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When you get repaid monthly, cash out immediately or reinvest for compounded impact.
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Transfer your Renewables Balance to your personal account.
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No withdraw fees
Collect more panels°
Compound your carbon avoidance by reinvesting in more panels°.
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Avoid carbon in minutes.

Open an account, collect panels°, and create impact while getting paid back.

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A note from Premal Shah
Cofounder of &

I helped found because I saw an injustice. In the global south, $25 can be transformative to a family – but to fortunate people abroad like me, $25 was pocket change. Kiva leveraged this difference to catalyze the microfinance industry.

Learning about solar finance, I saw a similar inequity. Solar deployment struggles to find financing in emerging markets. Yet small solar investments can have outsized carbon impact.

In fact, you can avoid nearly 20 times the carbon investing in emerging market solar than you would in the U.S. allows you to do just that – purchasing panels° enables us to build solar infrastructure where it does the most good.

If we shine a light on this disparity and provide the tools to solve it, I bet millions of you will step forward. We did it with Kiva and microfinance, and we can do it again with

Premal Shah
Cofounder & Chair