How does compare to carbon offsets?
Dollar for dollar, creates more impact than carbon offsets, preventing 48% more carbon for the same cost.
Investments vs. Offsets

Since pays you back but carbon offsets are a total loss, you should compare the total cost of the offsets to the opportunity cost of the non-profit investment with

  • For every $25 invested in the Renewables Fund you prevent roughly 530 lbs of carbon from being emitted. (See Impact Multiplier)
  • The opportunity cost of $25 invested in the Renewables Fund is $3.08 according to common benchmark rates. This means you create 172 lbs in carbon emissions prevention per dollar with Renewables.
  • On average, companies sell 2,908 lbs in offsets per $25 spent – 116 lbs per dollar spent.

Dollar for dollar, creates 48% more carbon prevention than carbon offsets – 172 lbs to an offset’s 116 lbs.

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