What is the Impact Multiplier?
The Impact Multiplier shows how solar projects funded by Renewables.org create greater impact.
Access the Impact Multiplier

Money spent building solar projects in the Global South prevents many times more carbon emissions than it would in the U.S. – the Impact Multiplier calculates exactly how many times more.

Using the Impact Multiplier, Renewables.org has found that its portfolio prevents 5 times more carbon per dollar than the same investment would in the U.S.

The Impact Multiplier incorporates three metrics:

  • The Carbon Multiplier shows how solar projects on carbon intensive power grids in the Global South create greater impact. 
  • The Sunny Days Multiplier shows how solar projects create greater impact when located in places that are sunnier.
  • The Construction Multiplier shows how lower construction costs in the Global South help create greater impact.

Here is how it works:
(Carbon Multiplier) × (Sunny Days Multiplier) × (Construction Multiplier) = Impact Multiplier

The Impact Multiplier helps Renewables.org decide how to invest funds to build solar projects with the highest carbon impact.

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