A note from Premal Shah
Premal Shah
October 2, 2023

I helped found Kiva.org because I saw an injustice. In the global south, $25 can be transformative to a family – but to fortunate people abroad like me, $25 was pocket change. Kiva leveraged this difference to catalyze the microfinance industry.

Learning about solar finance, I saw a similar inequity. Solar deployment struggles to find financing in emerging markets. Yet small solar investments can have outsized carbon impact.

In fact, you can avoid more than 5 times the carbon investing in emerging market solar than you would in the U.S.

Renewables.org allows you to do just that – investing in Panels via a 0% interest loan to the Renewables fund enables us to build solar infrastructure where it does the most good.

If we shine a light on this disparity and provide the tools to solve it, I bet millions of you will step forward. We did it with Kiva and microfinance, and we can do it again with Renewables.org.