The gift of climate impact–that pays back in cash
Lassor Feasley
November 30, 2023

Cofounded by one of the creators of Kiva, is the non-profit that lets anyone invest in solar projects and create climate impact across the Global South. For as little as $25, anyone can fund the building of solar panels, where they can do the most good, while getting paid back in five years.

Changing the world, one Panel at a time

When a Panel is purchased, invests the funds with developers building the world’s highest impact solar projects in the Global South. Repayments are made monthly, over five years, as Panels generate carbon-free electricity.

Just in time for the holiday season, has launched gift cards, encouraging the purchase of a high-impact gift for socially and environmentally conscious friends, family, and employees. They’ll earn repayments as their Panels generate carbon-free energy. And with each repayment, recipients can pocket their earnings, or reinvest in additional Panels.

“Dollar for dollar, investment in Global South solar has 5 times the carbon impact of U.S. projects. Now, anyone can multiply their impact with,” said Premal Shah, Cofounder of and