Open-Sources its Impact Multiplier Calculator
Lassor Feasley
November 30, 2023

Today, publicly released its diligence methodology for financing solar projects across the Global South. The Impact Multiplier is our metric for comparing the carbon impact per dollar you can make by financing solar through against spending the same amount in the United States.

Access the Impact Multiplier Calculator here.

Emerging markets, on a per-capita basis, receive less than 5% of the renewable energy investment that North America and Europe do — even though their power grids are far more carbon-intensive. aims to change that, accelerating solar deployment across these markets with your help.

The 'Impact Multiplier' is calculated using three metrics. Each illustrates how a dollar spent on's portfolio can be more effective than one spent on solar projects in the United States.

  • The Carbon Multiplier shows how solar projects on carbon intensive power grids in the Global South create greater impact. 
  • The Sunny Days Multiplier shows how solar projects create greater impact when located in places that are sunnier.
  • The Construction Multiplier shows how lower construction costs in the Global South help create greater impact.

Dollar for dollar, more than five times the impact. 

Combining these three multipliers, we estimate that your investment in could have a carbon reduction impact that is five times greater than if you invested the same amount in the United States. This illustrates both the urgency and the cost-effectiveness of directing your resources toward Global South solar with

We encourage you to delve deeper into our methodology by examining the linked spreadsheet. For any questions or comments, reach out to me directly at