End of year reflections from Lassor Feasley
January 4, 2024

“Back to the wilderness”, I thought.

A year ago, I thought my work in online solar investing had led to a dead end. I was building Legends Solar, a solar finance company where  everyday investors could buy operating solar panels. I had engaged thousands of early adopters we eager to transact with Legends.

I was criss-crossing the country looking for solar developers to work with – but I came up short. There simply were no solar projects available for me to acquire for Legends, and so I had nothing to sell.

The wilderness. Maybe I would find a corporate job in design consulting or brand strategy. I was proud of what I had accomplished trying my hand as a startup founder, a lifelong dream of mine – but I was doubtful that I could make it a livelihood.

That’s when Premal Shah, a widely admired and highly accomplished social impact entrepreneur reached out and changed everything.

Premal is famous for building Kiva.org, a non-profit where millions of users make 0% interest loans to borrowers in emerging markets. Kiva.org helped define the ethos of the internet from 2008-2012 – and continues to touch millions of lives every year.

Recently, Premal was working at the intersection of consumer finance and solar construction. He had come to believe the Kiva model of philanthropic lending could be adapted to speed solar development in emerging markets. He wanted me to lead its development as CEO.

Joined by solar guru Ruchir Punjabi, we co-created the concept for Renewables.org. The proposition: Anyone can accelerate Global South solar adoption for as little as $25 and keep track of their impact on a ‘virtual rooftop’. As with Kiva, investors get repaid monthly.

I designed the brand identity, UI, and marketing strategy for Renewables.org – and was joined by cofounder & CTO Scott Schwartz in the fall. We launched in October and have already raised tens of thousands of dollars in loans from hundreds of users.

What a difference a year makes.

I am incredibly grateful for the trust that Premal and Ruchir have in my abilities and vision – and that someone as capable and admired as Scott Schwartz would take on this journey.

Most of all, I am grateful for the hundreds of users who have already participated in Renewables.org by investing in Global South solar. I recognize that your investment is not made only out of our affinity for our environmental mission – it is also a vote of confidence in me and my team at Renewables.org.

Lassor Feasley,
Cofounder @ Renewables.org