What is Renewables.org?
Renewables.org is the solar investing non-profit where you help fund Global South solar – and get paid back in five years as the solar projects you support generate electricity.

Renewables.org’s non-profit mission is to accelerate the transition to solar energy across the Global South. Renewables.org has helped finance and build dozens of solar facilities in India and Africa. Other financing sources are scarce in these markets – and carbon-intensive energy grids make intervention urgent.

  • Renewables.org operates the Renewables Fund.
  • You lend money to the Renewables Fund by investing in a $25 Panel.
  • The Renewables Fund lends that money to emerging market developers who use it to build solar projects.
  • As the solar projects generate and sell carbon-free electricity, you get paid back.

As our community grows, we'll accelerate solar deployment where it's needed most.

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