How do I know that is trustworthy? has an accomplished team, affiliations with respected organizations, and unique operational transparency.

Founded in 2023 is a non-profit startup. It is supported by professionals in the solar investing and online non-profit sectors.

  • Chairperson Premal Shah is a pioneer in non-profit social entrepreneurship – previously, he cofounded the microfinance crowdfunding non-profit
  • has been vetted and funded by the leading venture non-profit organization
  • counts founders, CEOs, and executives of trusted organizations like Arcadia, Solstice, DonorsChoose, and Wunder Capital among our board of advisors
  • is remarkably transparent – you can access information on all of the solar projects we’ve invested in, as well as our impact methodology here

As matures, it will continue to increase its transparency, for example by adding real time monitoring features to its solar sites and submitting annual reports and required non-profit disclosures.

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